The Volt 1 is the new kite added to the range. Dedicated to wave riders, it will also please freeriders and hydrofoilers. The low aspect ratio plugged onto a C-shape platform give the Volt 1 a high ability to keep speed and power during the turns but also drift really well. The low aspect ration also gives lot of juice on the low end so it will be easier to go out on a smaller size. The 3 struts configuration allows the kites to be slightly lighter but also to twist quicker after the turning input is given, therefore giving endless possibilities to hit the lip! Using high quality material from TEIJIN DOUBLE RIPSTOP T9670, RONSTAN, and COUSIN, and combined with an engineered design, the reinforcements are positioned to deliver high quality products.

The new generation of kites are build on order so you can choose size and colors.

Estimated manufacturing time 4 to 6 weeks.