The LITE v1 is a new kite in our line up. During the process of designing 1 strut kite, we were confronted with too much power, not enough depower and fluttering canopy …. but the R&D didnt stop until we got something special. The LITE v1 is a really balanced kite with the right amount of canopy tension to keep its profile in different angle of attack. The result i astonishing, the super light frame make this kite ideal for light wind sessions on twintip, surfboard and foil.

Using high quality material from TEIJIN QUADRUPLE RIPSTOP T9940, DP 175LL DACRON, RONSTAN, and BRAITECH, and combined with an engineered design, the reinforcements are positioned to deliver high quality products.

The new generation of kites are build on order so you can choose size and colors.

Estimated manufacturing time 6 to 8 weeks.